March 7th National What Day

Dated: 03/07/2018

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It's March 7th, and you may be wondering what random holiday may need to be celebrated today...

Well have no fear, team #hoffthemarket is here to help answer that question!

I love that every day has it's own holiday, even if it is something you may not celebrate, rather it gives you the opportunity to celebrate each day.  And, isn't that what we are supposed to do? Celebrate life and each new day with the ones around us? 

Well today is National Cereal day!

SAY WHAT! I can eat cereal all day and not have to get looks from my husband- mind you I'm also 7 months pregnant so I may just do this every day anyway!

So what are your favorites...from Healthy with fruits to not listening to the "silly rabbit" and eating Trix! Mine is Frosted Mini Wheats...that little bit of sugar on top just makes them oh so yummy.  Fill that bowl all the way up with milk and eat on! 

Well, just know tomorrow is another day, and if you need help listing or purchasing your home, we are here to help you get it #hoffthemarket!

Enjoy your cereal!

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